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It's time to look up from the grindstone and get excited about what's happening in the world around us. There is plenty of reason for our adrenaline to be pumping and our hopes to be high.

We are living on the edge. The edge of greatness on one side and the edge of long term disaster by our own hand on the other.  What more fertile ground could there be for writing songs with meaning for positive influence?

Only a few years old, this effort has been blessed by the participation of a growing number of talented people whose positive vision for shaping a bright future is in line with our goal of promoting the urgency of climate science warnings and more.

My name is Chris  and I did plant the seed, but now this movement is  faceless and stands on it's own merit

It feels like 1 World Evolution and the 1 We Us Music Mission found me rather than me founding them. It was the perfect fit and timing for me to apply the tools and knowledge I had gained through life’s journey.  

Two years ago  1 World  Evolution.( 1 WE )  formed as a  DBA due to the high cost of creating a proper 501(c)3 corporation. Sensing urgency I jumped right in dedicating my own time and limited finances.  I became we as teams were formed that promoted constructive articles, press releases, videos and advertised climate facts, findings and more to an audience of almost 100M according to stats.

 Since the release of the Climate Science Special Report NCA4  in November of 2017, however,  our team team has been laser focused on promoting  awareness of the urgency for changes put forth by the top world science authorities.

Having been met by enormous mind numbing push back and an abundance of willful blindness it became clear that the Power of Music can best advance the urgency of  climate science awareness . Thus the  1 WE Us Music Mission was born.

Our Singular goal is to help awakening the world to the warnings from the world’s top climate scientists before it’s too late

 1World Evolution is blessed to be surrounded by a growing number amazing people. Musicians, artists  and media companies from both from the US and around the world are contributing to the mission with their skills.  We invite you to join or effort in any way you can. From sharing or purchasing a single track or collaborating with us to write a song, or sharing us on social media, we appreciate you.

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