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This moment in humanity's history is all about us, our actions, our sense of responsibility, our compassion for each other and our planet.


For the first time all of humanity faces the same common enemy - the accelerating and, not so obvious to us all, impending climate disaster. The 2019 data shows us right on path to the worst case climate forecasts. This is not being covered in the main stream media !

We are living on the edge. The edge of greatness on one side and the edge of long term disaster by our own hand on the other.  The scientists have spelled it out... we are literally on the edge. We must act now. There is No Time for Delay with consequences looming so dire. These are exciting times. This is a time when all of humanity has a motive to evolve like never before. 

Special interest lobbies have been obscuring science for  30 years and are now in overdrive.           They will not be the ones to save us.  It is up to us all to form a Public Lobby based on universal climate knowledge and concern.

  We have built a small machine that is capable of amplifying knowledge to millions. Thanks to Greta Thunburg and others the public lobby for responsible action has begun. We are playing a small role in accelerating it's growth. It's time we crush the lies and deception of special interest lobbies with truth and awareness. With the participation of  everyday people this machine can only help grow a strong Public Lobby .  With our system every voice becomes multiplied by thousands. We are a lean machine that can broadcast more knowledge with a dollar donation that most other companies or organizations.

Three years ago  1 World  Evolution.( 1 WE )  formed as a  DBA due to the high cost of creating a proper 501(c)3 corporation. Sensing urgency founder Chris Sweeney, jumped right in dedicating his own time and limited finances. Soon teams were formed that promoted constructive articles, press releases, videos and advertised climate facts, findings and more to a combined audience of almost 100M according to stats.

 Since the release of the Climate Science Special Report NCA4  in November of 2017,  our team has been laser focused on promoting  awareness of the urgency for changes put forth by the top world science authorities.

Research quickly revealed the enormous mind numbing push back and an abundance of willful blindness. It soon became clear that Music can be a great tool in advancing the urgency of  climate science awareness . Thus the  1 WE Us Music & Media Mission was born.

Our Singular goal is to help awakening the world to the warnings from the world’s top climate scientists before it’s too late. Unity through common knowledge on climate issues is a good way to fortify public concern strong enough to overpower thirty years of science denial by special interests.

 1World Evolution is blessed to be surrounded by a growing number amazing people. Musicians, artists  and media companies from both from the US and around the world are contributing to the mission with their skills.  We invite you to join or effort in any way you can. From sharing or purchasing a single track, donating a few dollars or collaborating with us to produce a powerful song,  we appreciate you and so will generations to come.

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Unity Through Common Knowledge

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