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The Accelerating Arctic

A Sea Level Rise of 8' by 2100

Cannot be Ruled Out

Will Today's Children

be Faced with Insurmountable

Climate Changes ?

1977 Exxon Memo Warns
of  Arctic CO2 Warming
Low Elevation Properties Face
 Devaluation if Accelerating
Ocean Rise Rates Continue
Solar & Wind at 25% - $50% Cost Advantage over Gas.Coal, Oil
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"Public Concern is probably the only thing capable of overcoming the special interests that have obfuscated the Topic" (Climate Change)

           - Dr. James E. Hansen - NASA Atmospheric Physics

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Climate Change Can Be Stopped ! (upcoming series)

- Rust Belt Prosperity Matters
- Most  Alarming Statements
in the Latest Climate Report 
- One Gallon of Gas Produces
20 lbs of CO2
- Imagine Cheap Abundant Electricity for Everyone
- New Battery Tech Emerging
- How Arctic Thawing Creates
Record Cold Spells
- When it comes to critical science who do you ask? 
A Rocket Scientist or Politician? Editorial

"In my thirty-some years of experience in government, I've never seen control to the degree that it's occurring now. I think that it's very harmful to the way that a democracy works. We need to inform the public if they are to make the right decisions and influence policy makers."  

  • Dr. James.E. Hansen NASA

If left unchecked the spiraling acceleration of Arctic Thaw threatens all of us
  Powerful Corporate Lobby efforts have obscured the truth long enough.
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