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Building Consensus Through Knowledge
Progress, not Politics 

Inspiring, Insightful, Educational, Engaging, Enlightening, Constructive, Loving 

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on Accelerating Arctic Thawing 

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C02 Levels have risen from 280 to 400 PPM


Methane amounts are up 143%

The Science Community largely attributes the Rising  Average Temps to Human Activity

Straight from the NC4A Climate Science Special Report 11/17

Chapter 1 - Finding 4  -  .. without major reductions in (GHG) emmissions the increase in average global temperatures relative to pre industrial times could reach 9 deg F  (5deg C) by the end of the century. ( 81 yrs) (high confidence) 

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Arctic Warming 




If the Rate of Thaw keeps accelerating the overloading of CO2 and Methane will become Catastrophic   

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Dr. John E. Hansen

Leader in

Atmospheric Physics & Climate

Change Modeling

CBS 60 Minutes -

"Arguably the World's leading researcher on Global Warming"

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