Donor FAQ

How is my Donation Spent?  Eight Five 85% of your money is spent directly on billboards, music production, or Press Release events. You can specify which one. Fifteen 15% is spent on accruing new donors, operational overhead, and growth. 

 How is my Donation, Privacy and Information Secure?  PayPal services provide  the privacy and security you deserve..  We never see your information. You DO NOT need to be a PayPal member to donate. You DO NOT need to share your email. 

# 1 Highway Billboards    Every dollar lights up an electronic billboard ad multiple times on a busy highway in the USA. Billboards have a captive audience regardless of political party, age, race or profession.  A good billboard can

be conversation starter for people on their way home or commuting to work, or off to socialize with friends.  

Join us in Promoting Positive Music for Change, Climate Knowledge and Positivity for us all.

 Light Up a Billboard NOW!!


# 2  Produce Music    Play a support role in Music Production. Multiple takes and mixes go into any good production. All of these cost money. We have multiple songs currently in the works begging for the fast lane. You may choose the track you wish to support from the Music page  or choose all > Make Music

# 3 Press Releases / Articles    Inform, Excite, Engage ..those are the goals. Newsworthy events and music releases provide provocative headlines followed by content full of Critical Climate Knowledge and Positive Perspectives.

Short of a Hit Song, press releases are King when it comes to audience size per dollar invested.  Your dollar reach can reach as many as 200k  > Reach Millions

How to Specify Special Requests for Your Support    The PayPal secure  system will hide your private information from us but allow you to write us a note before finalizing your payment. This gives you the option to write in #1, #2 or #3 or other. If nothing is specified your support it will advance all three

This Page is Under Construction Thank You for your Patience