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Music Workshop

 Music Munitions for the Front Lines of Climate Change 

2019 - New Data Points to Worst Case Climate Forecasts 

Awaken Everyone! Turn Up the Volume!  

The Goal - Make Music that speaks the simple deft truth on Climate Science ... the fears, the risks, the warnings, the amazing opportunities, the science denial industry and matters of heart and soul. 

  Living on the edge of global disaster demands extraordinary music.  Today's acceleration towards worst case scenarios, largely kept out of the press, drives the pressure up on the creatives.  Today music has a responsibility looming larger than ever before. It must now to inform, excite and engage a public understanding of the urgency for smart holistic responses to the challenges before us today. These are exciting times. Imagine the extraordinary advancements possible. 

We have combined our Science Promotion efforts with the 1WE US Music Mission. This result is a synergistic integration of complimentary components capable of reaching millions over and over again.

All Hands on Deck ! Super Stars Encouraged (privacy assured)

We do the research on HOT TOPIC facts that the media shies away from. We can help your lyric and message be both truthful and hard hitting.  Inform - Excite - Engage

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Here are the Basic Guidelines Suggested

  1. Lyrics must be truthful , poignant and key to the songs purpose of highlighting today’s urgency in regards to climate emergencies or related challenges to humanity. (Positivity encouraged)

  2.  Lyrics must be clearly enunciated and easily understood by everyone as these are songs to engage thought.

  3.  Angry vulgarity, personal attacks and divisive language are prohibited. Policy attacks acceptable if transparent, well founded and contrary to warnings issued by science authorities.

  4. Music that addresses the enormous opportunities for a better future and a more compassionate humanity are encouraged . With one common enemy is the perfect time to evolve.

We have been blessed by the opportunity to work with gifted musicians with warm hearts and creative minds. Here are just a few of these extraordinary people 

Antonia Marquee

G-Lu  May



 Cilo BGR

  D. H.   Smith

 Chris   Bjornn

Luke   Ponce

We Don't See it !

  Here's the 2020 hindsight on 2019 developments -  Just the facts 


2019 -  Exponential Acceleration of Co2 Excesses despite billions of tons of C02 avoidance by Global Solar & Wind installations . Current data puts us on the worst case climate forecast scenario according to a growing number of top authorities.

2019 –  Pentagon : The US Department of Defense’s report on climate threats gets censored by the White House along with thousands of additional climate related earth science studies.

2019 –  SEO Search Engine Optimization professionals hired to successfully rank Climate Science Denial results on the first page of search engine results regarding climate science questions.

2019 – NASA , NOAA-  Science Reports edited to feature less likely low risk scenarios under to pressure from their White House driven PR departments to obscure the warnings. Don't believe it? Time to wake up and write a lyric.

2019 – Arctic Temperatures rise faster than expected by a large margins . Feedback loops are gaining


2019 - The largest social platform in the USA exempts political ads from fact checking requirements allowing unlimited spin on climate facts or misleading statements such as "we don't know what causes climate change"


Classic Examples of Music from Reflections of Truth Within 

The Bar on Music for Change was set in the 70's 
We have the technology to raise the bar so lets prove we've got the Soul 


Time for Change

Akili Richardson & Ivy Small

in collaboration with 1we us

Yeah..It's time to make a change because we need it

We on the eve of destruction

 but they don’t heed it

It’s important  informin’ of global warmin'

Congress ignorin’ warnings… Capital keepin’ dormant

 take these fingers and I point them at destruction that its causin’

When I get no reaction I walk away with disappointment

  I take these fingers and I point them at fossil fuel which has a lot to do

with climate changes we never thought were possible

But since they keep pockets lined  

...they plugged in like sockets

I’m not shocked ..

 they have not stopped

Pushin  their goods a mile a minute they teaching us how to deal with  it instead of how to prevent it


Lets talk about it

We talkin global warmin

Permafrost,   defrost ….the foodin’ and the stormin’

We need to come together because this problem is enormous

  Knowledge is the key so I start by Informin’….Yeah

15 Years or So

Marmalade Music's Chris Bjornn and Austin Archer in Collaboration with 1We Us

This is a song about where you’re gonna be in 15 years

Keep hearin’ reports but nothin’s changed

The end of all we know still on the way

Many years ago they told me further down the road …. In 15 years or so

News man say the waters on the rise

turning precipice to beach and beach to die

It ain’t no mystery …. It’s somethin’ everybody Knows …In 15 years or so..

Put this clearly in your Google search bar

Where will I be when the planet dies…steady but not slow…in 15 years or so

We’re gonna need to try…the waters on the rise

Everything you do from now to then.. Everytime you fail … try again

Take it as a sign there might be hope… in 15 years or so

So where  are you gonna be if we let our planet die?

Do What's Right !

Antonia Marquee in collaboration with the 1WE US Music Mission

This is a song about coming together as one to do what’s right for our planet earth

This World we live in is Beautiful

Everything around us is Magical

But now it’s slipping away before our Eyes

Yeah it’s Time to Care for our Planet Earth

Oh I don’t have to tell you about the Damage that We’ve Made

Coral Reefs are Dying at Alarming Rates

Bees are disappearing… Forests are in Retreat

Oceans Rising Faster than We can Beat

Still we do our Best … to Do What’s Right

Face the Truth, … Dig Deep Inside

We gotta do Our Part…  and Make it Right

It’s Up to Us…. Yeah you and I

The Future of our Planet Depends on Us

We’ve Gotta  Come Together .. and work as One

To Start We’ve got to Balance CO2

We gotta be Aware of our Fossil Fuels

Deserts Taking Over our once Productive Lands

Families Loosing homes to Torrential Storms

It’s Time to Build Machines to Harvest Free Energy

An Economic Boom for All to Reap

It’s Time to Do Our Best to Do What’s Right

Face the Truth … Dig Deep Inside

We got to Do Our Part and Make it Right !!

 It’s up to Us…Yeah You and I

One Home , One Dream

One home, one dream that we may never see

Let’s start within ourselves

The safe tomorrow we could bring.

Living in a world, a peaceful place

The song of the birds atop the trees

There’s happy blue sky and dark blue seas

What a wonderful world, a vision I dream.

There’s one home, one dream that we will never see

Let’s start within ourselves

The safe tomorrow we could bring



I opened my eyes and I have seen the saddest part of reality

There were no more birds, no more trees

A grey sad sky and dark black seas


I saw her eyes, in pain and vain as she shouts for help for us to begin.

Coz, there’s one home, one dream that we will never see

Let’s start within ourselves the safe tomorrow we could bring.


Taking good care for the chance he gave

To save the life of all living race (to save this planet of abundant life)

It is not the end, not too late to start again and saviors of (our) home

The plante we dream, the world we have known.


Ohhhhh, One home! One dream that we may never see

Let’s start withing ourselves (and act with dignity)

The safe tomorrow we could bring



Lyric by: G-Lu May Diez Philippines, Planet Earth

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We Don't See it,  We Don't Feel it

Climate Disaster

We Don’t See it

We don’t feel it

So we don’t really believe in it.

Why? Because Democrat or Republican  we don’t read the climate reports or even their summaries

It’s Global, it’s not what’s going on in our back yard !!!

While we bask in our denial, those on the front lines of climate change are dying, suffering and losing their homes only to become unwanted refugees

 Left unchecked Climate disasters will soon be at our door.

Food shortages will surge, refugees will abound, and bankrupt governments may be pushed into wars

Gone forever will be the opportunity for correction.

It’s time we all see the science that’s being censored,

 Opportunities will abound as soon as we square with reality

 We’ve made it easy for you to help.

Let's Do This!    1WorldEvolution.org@gmail.com