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S. Yang -  “Cool, good stuff Chris. Crazy that there were 363K impressions in 3 days.

R. W.- Awesome work !  I love how you write!  Your posts on Extraordinary Times,  giving climate science a popular voice….. so good bro !!!  I just sent you guys another $20 to help spread the good word.

M. Clauss. - “Wow !  That's Huge!!. Your list of publishers is staggering. How did you do that?. Let’s hope we turn some heads

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Key Finding #1 Chapter 14

Reducing Net Emmissions of Co2 is necessary to limit near term climate change and long term warming (very high confidence)

CSSR Executive Summary

A (sea level) rise of 8' by 2100 (82 yrs) cannot be ruled out

Worst Case senarios do not include Tipping Points

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W.G –  “.‘As a videographer I work with a number of soil scientists and organizations.  At every convention the question seems to be “How do we get our information out there?”  Your Info Promotions could be a perfect tool for them.  I will suggest they contact you.  Their work is an important part of the climate solution picture ‘

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