1 World Evolution - the Enemy is Here

November 6, 2018

The presence of a common enemy has always proven to be the most powerful unifying force on earth.  It stems from the instinct to survive. Imagine if there was an assault on your neighborhood and the enemy was driving you all from your homes. A vital and beautiful unity would  arise as the divides would come down. The pentagon and the insurance companies have identified such an enemy and recognize it's fast accelerating threats. Never before has the world sharred such a looming common threat. Soon it will become clear to all of us.  View the video with sound. It's worth more words than we can put in a blog. That said, we'll give it a go.


If you don't believe in evolution, or natural mechanisms for survival, or that good can be stronger than evil, or that unity is our most powerful ally, you are in for a pleasent suprise in the coming years.

Leaders across the Globe like Pope Francis and organizations such as the UN are starting to speak in terms of global efforts that join everyone together in the struggle for not only averting global climate disaster, but also to a create a more humane, respectful, and dignified world for all.

Today's world presents extraordinary opportinities and universal threats that never before existed. We are learning how to best employ the new technologies and interconnectivity. The concept of one world working together has been given legs. Like a newborn baby, however, it needs to be nutured and taken care of. Yes it will falter but as the world works together sharing common goals ,technology and ideas that come from the heart, it stands a good chance to become a more beautiful home in both the near and far future..The negative thinking set may incorrectly feel that a united world will theaten their own national unity and identity. Not to worry my friends. In the new world every nation will stand together with their own unique pride and contributions to the whole. Stay tuned. Extraordinary times are here and you can play a role. Just join the Evolution and lead with your heart !



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