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September 17, 2017




We are approaching a critical time in the history of humanity.  We are being forced to play our hand to enable our survival as a species.  Threats within and outside of our control now have the potential to be catastrophic for humanity. Should we turn a blind eye, or delay recognition, these threats could bring extinction. Alternately these common shared threats may be the catalyst that brings humanity together.


The function of 1 World Evolution.org (1WE.US) is to broadcast important verifiable facts to hundreds of millions of people across party lines and across the Globe. Our messages will be short , concise and simplistic to fit the micro moment of attention most can afford. We’ll provide links to in depth sources to  encourage a more complete understanding.


Consensus building through common knowledge is the goal to which we wish to contribute. We are not alone or unique in this mission but hope to inspire those we reach.

Once the very real perils ahead are recognized universally the building of the Golden Age of Humanity can begin. Imagine a World where all countries, all peoples are working toward the common goal of survival.  Imagine.


consensus based on facts, moral compass and a grown up style of communication.

It’s Time to Evolve !

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