World Leader – the New Definition

July 22, 2017

The old definition of World Leader in Wikipedia reads:   ‘ the leader of a politically and economically powerful country.’


  I found this a terrifyingly insufficient definition given today’s complex and increasingly interdependent world.


Searching further I found solace and hope in the international business community.


In the Harvard Business Review (HBR)  Angel Cabrera wrote this :

‘Global (world)  leaders act as bridge builders, connectors of resources and talent across cultural and political boundaries.

Global leaders utilize their understanding of cultural and institutional nuances and their global connections to create new forms of value by bridging people and resources across boundaries in novel ways.’


An article in Financial Times stated the following –

‘ Real global leaders recognize the impact of their actions on surrounding communities and constituencies. They understand that personal prosperity is dependent upon the prosperity of others and that they play a role in transforming not only their companies, but also the societies in which they operate.’


The World is evolving quickly. Responsible engagement across all boundaries is the future of good effective global leadership. This applies to not only the business community but also the community of World Leaders.


In this day and age with threats to our very existence looming like never before, it is imperative that we show our support for leaders with a progressive holistic outlook

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