Facebook Declares War on Hate – Without Evil Consequences

July 26, 2017

Social Media has empowered people across the globe to come together in powerful and uniting ways never before attainable. Unfortunately it has also provided a platform for hate,  prejudice and vitriol to spread like a bad virus.  Recruitment of people to do evil while stirring hate has shown a weakness in humanity since day one and has been taken advantage of by unenlightened leaders throughout history.


So here we have a real quandary. Social media is essential to global evolution yet it also has the potential to do great harm.


The answer can be simple. And Mark Zuckerberg is on to it.  His effort to clean up what’s wrong with social media is genius. Facebook is hiring youth, mostly Filipinos, to help identify harmful facebook pages and groups so Facebook can terminate those accounts. Some say is paying low hourly wages, but the economy is different in the Philippines and the desire to work for any wage is high.  Yes children are working long hours at a reported $5.hr (unverified) to do this work but only by their own desire, not by mandate. This rate lifts their family out of poverty.


Google is also stepping up to the plate in several healthy ways. We’ll address their effort soon. Alas my friends of optimism, the future can be bright !

We will continue with this exciting subject so stay tuned. We invite other bloggers to contribute to this site .  Our only filter is that no politics, predudice, false stories,  or hate infused subjects are allowed.

Wow. That’s a challenging restriction each of us could apply to our everyday life. Maybe change does begin in the mirror!

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