20 Lbs CO2 from Each Gallon of Gas?

February 20, 2018



It seemed intuitive to think that what went out the tailpipe was an insignificant. We can’t see it so we would probably guess it took hundreds of gallons of gasoline to produce 20 lbs Co2. (sans chemistry)


Most of my gas guzzling life I’ve been totally unaware of these numbers.  Now, in today’s world, with talk of Co2 accumulations causing havoc it’s critical knowledge.  Coal  , Diesel and home heating oil create even greater amounts of Co2 .  Burning natural gas also contributes large quantities of Co2.


Cross these facts with some of the Co2 Measures seen in the latest climate report and you’ll say ‘Whoa..’ 


 Today’s satellite data collection paints a clear picture of Co2 accumulating at the North Pole. We are currently doing a video series regarding the technology that sees Co2 emissions and maps the swirling accumulations in the northern hemisphere, particularly the Arctic.


It’s time to Grab the Helm or meet the Rock. Read the Government’s best science and make up your own mind on what’s of real concern to the world’s future. It reads like an Alfred Hitchcock thriller with many hidden clues. Put the clues together and you’ll get the picture. Perhaps, in part, this is due to the pressures from the “Public Relations’ department. (Washington)

Public Knowledge precedes Public Concern. Public Concern can force policies for it’s own survival.


We are working to broadcast facts like these out there to Millions Across Divides. Progress, not politics.

We make it easy for you to Help.

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