Does Climate Change Threaten the Future of Today's Children?

March 23, 2018


I knew that my sleeping area would pass Mom’s inspection if I hid my entire mess under the bed. For years It worked - out of site, out of mind.  This same tactic has worked for the the trillion dollar fossil fuel industry. The driver of climate change is the Arctic thaw.It’s out of site, out of mind for most of us. Few witness what’s going down.


Well, time is up. It’s time to blow the whistle on reality and clean up our mess to avoid Mother Nature’s melt down.


This video features Dr. James E. Hansen , a renowned climate modeler and atmospheric scientist who headed up NASA’s Earth Sciences Division at Goddard. Bear in mind that Goddard has access to much of the same advanced data collection as NASA space and aeronautics.  There has been tremendous push back from Washington to deter Dr. Hansen’s ambitions to get the real story out. 


The Fossil Fuel industries are feeding more Co2 to the atmosphere while some very serious Arctic runaway scenarios are growing more likely with every passing day.

Enjoy the video and share with your friends.

It’s not too late to take action. We have the technology to create and deploy solutions. The longer it is before we accept the problem the higher the risks become.


Please help distribute the knowledge that we all deserve to share. The fossil fuel industry and Washington are complicit in hiding the truth.  May God help us all grab the Bull by the horns and avert the pain and suffering of generations to come.

Help distribute Science Facts & Knowledge. 

 Go To: 1WE.INFO


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