Exxon Internal Memo warns of Arctic Warming from Co2

February 20, 2018



This video shows that even the scientists employed by Exxon back in 1977 were aware of potential warming risks to the Globe from carbon fuel burning. They even predicted the potential 20 deg F rise in the Arctic.  Today we have exceeded the 20 degree F and we have an immediate problem.

Today Arctic Warming is accelerating beyond recent worst case predictions. Multiple positive feedback mechanisms threaten a runaway meltdown. It would bring not only a catastrophic rise in sea levels but rapid and radical climate changes across the globe.  We can’t allow that to happen.   Most of us don’t see it yet, but we will unless Governments recognize the alarms issued by today’s most advanced scientific community.


Almost all of humanity has prospered from fossil fuels.  A true thanks should be given to the hard working people from laborers to top engineers and scientists in the fossil fuel industry.  Without them we would hardly have it within our grasp to seize the enormous opportunities of today’s world.  However, the Co2 and GHG accumulations in the Arctic have gone largely unnoticed which was made it very easy for the fossil fuel industry to sweep the dangers under the rug,  even  while their own scientific body issued warnings.


Our new capacity for tech development is what now must save our planet.  Just in the nick of time before the Arctic Thaw’s methane and Co2 bombs are set to blow.


It’s seems too many of us, me included, have disregarded debates on Co2 ‘s role in the Arctic’s demise for too long.  Some of the best, most advanced science available today was paid for by the taxpayers in the USA. In Nov. 2017 the new US Gov. Climate Report was published.   The current body information seems to suggest we immediately reduce Co2 and Methane emissions now to avoid risking a runaway  Arctic thaw and the catastrophic climate changes that would follow.  Read the report , view the data and get excited about the challenges ahead. It’s time to grab the helm or meet the rock.


Many law makers continue to argue science with the scientists on behalf of those who get them elected.  Their responsibility to their electorate is only as long as their term in office. The Climate Scientist’s responsibility to the Earth and Humanity is for generations to come. 


Public concern may be the only thing powerful enough pave the way to policies that ensure a bright future for humanity. Common knowledge precedes public opinion.  Our focus is broadcasting the vital climate science data and facts to hundreds of millions across divides.


We’ve made it easy for you to help. Visit us at 1WE.INFO   Help us broadcast knowledge across divides !

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