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April 26, 2018






There are lots of reasons for the popularity of widespread myths, misconceptions and denial of climate science issues.  There is no shortage of false or misleading information on social media or in the news.  Even those with an ear for science find the magnitude and breadth of information is so large it’s hard to digest and appoint priorities.


According to a 2017 report by the NY Times 70% of us do not believe climate change will have any significant impact on our lives.  Most of the remaining 30% cannot name the most immediate aspects of threat to a global runaway climate scenario.

In addition most of us are so preoccupied with our day to day existence we haven’t the mental space or inclination to embrace what the science community is so alarmed about. It is so much easier to believe that climate change is a hoax and everything will take care of itself as long as we focus on our goals of today.


The status quo of day to day existence provides a fertile ground for climate science denial. Take Borrow Alaska as a perfect example of the irony.   Oil drilling is a thriving industry now in this community that is shared with an important outpost for climate scientists.  The irony is shown in an online video of huge bulldozers pushing muddy soil up against the shoreline to protect the equipment staging area against the raging ocean. The locals love the jobs brought by the oil industry.  Its easy to understand why. It’s about getting through this week with a decent dinner on the table every night.


Like it or not ,there is a powerful media and social push to discredit climate science.  Even Washington is upping the push back on climate science and it’s warnings.  Now, more than ever there is an Urgent Need to give climate science a popular voice. This voice  can be powered by those who see the terrifying  scenarios ahead if we continue with the status quo.

The 1WE.INFO model of Climate Science promotion is just getting started. We have already reached an audience of over 87 Million. We expect to reach 100’s of millions with a flurry of ongoing, perception changing climate science findings from NASA, NOAA. EPA , NAS and more recognized authorities.


If you wish to help promote science please go to  Your help matters.


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