Runaway Costs of Climate Denial - #1

November 1, 2018

It's a sad irony that we are burdened by rapidly growing climate disaster costs as our President and his gang of fossil fuel puppets cry out about the enormous costs we would have to endure by converting to clean energy. The world's trillion dollar fossil fuel industry's downplay of it's own effect on climate change is understandable but has brought to question the ethics of those leaders who know the truth regarding human effects on climate change yet perpetrate it's denial.

To deny the role that human activity plays on accelerated global warming stands to be mankinds worst shucking of resposibility ever. Perhaps it's last.



 Titanic Captain Smith dismissed seven warnings that drifting Arctic Icebergs presented hazards that required his immediate aknowledgement.. He chose instead to ignore the warnings and throttle ahead to disaster  He had bought into White Star Line's mythical assertion that the Titanic was unsinkable and was eager to shine his own legacy and White Star's profits with its quick journey across the Atlantic.

How disappointed the fossil fuel giants must be to see that some communities around the world

are simply signing up for clean renewable electric energy programs as testimony to their own recognition of scientific findings.. What really pains them however, is that these programs provide cheaper energy than they could ever offer. In response they have stepped up their science denial efforts across all avenues of the media. Over the last year science denial web sites have exploaded. These are professionals that know how to game Googles search algorythms. They have even stooped to billboard advertising so as drivers spew 20 lbs of Co2 per gallon they feel feel less guilty.

Help us promote the very science that is aggressively being censored or obscured.








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