Is the Catholic Church in the USA leading on Climate Change Issues?

November 10, 2018


  At this time of trouble the Catholic church sorely needs to bolster its image as a world leader for truth, responsibility and all that's good from the heart, mind and soul of everyone.  Pope Francis has done just that. He has called on all Catholics, all religions, and all global leaders as well as all citizens to step up to the challenge of climate change.  He calls it a moral obligation that is necessary for not only survival, but also a pathway to a better, more loving  humanity. 


We embraced the Popes' calling as a bold stand on science denial and fabricated myths by self serving profiteers. Naturally, since our focus for the past 18 months has been on broadcasting climate science facts to tens of millions across divides, we thought it best to offer our help to parishes across the country. Here is our letter we are sending to parish priests.



"Pope Francis’s 2015 Encyclical was a shining example of courageous world leadership at a most critical time. His call for a new way of thinking about our relationship to each other and the planet was evolutionary. His talk of a unified global effort to defend the earth against climate change was a catalyst for many positive actions.


In 2018 the data shows continued worsening of climate effects with hundreds of thousands forced from their homes from floods, droughts and extreme weather phenomena. The U.S. Governments Climate Science Special Report NC4A forecasts a grim future for our planet with both near term and long range projections if we don’t make sweeping changes.


 In the face enormous opposition Pope Francis doubled down on his condemnations of those who obscure climate science and those who choose to dismiss the findings of the most advanced collective of scientists and data the world has ever seen.

He boldly called out the forces behind climate science denial pointing to Proverb twelve in the Bible that condemns those who resist correction in matters of knowledge.


 This assault on climate science denial spotlights the church’s leading role as crusader for truth, science and appropriate policy.  We are in a time of epic risks and consequences.  .  The probability of irreversible runaway climate change looms larger every day we add to the already overloaded CO2 accumulations.  We are blowing on the smoldering tipping points of no return with the net effect of a devil may care attitude.

This is not me talking. These conclusions are drawn from the science facts and findings of top NASA, NOAA, NAS, the international IPCC and at least nine other authoritative science agencies.


The time for action was 30 years ago. But powerful Lobbies made cozy friends with politicians and groomed a matrix of strategies to obscure, censor and deny scientific facts and findings.  As a result we’ve allowed the most dangerous tipping points to become reality.  Now is the time to assign urgent action to save the future for our children and grandchildren. This is not a political slogan. It is harsh reality the world must square with. This is also a time of tremendous opportunity for the advancement of humanity.


So how do we get the right policies in place ASAP?  Dr. James Hanson, ex head of NASA’s earth sciences answers with this:

“Public concern is probably the only thing capable of overcoming the special interests that have obfuscated the topic… … We need to inform the public if they are to make the right decisions and influence policy makers." 

Dr. James Hanson – NASA


But how do we inform the public?    Advertising and Promotion worked for cigarettes and it’s working for Big Pharma.  Imagine the effect of flooding straight science findings across political and economic divides while appealing to everyone’s curiosity and common sense.


 Today more than ever we have a division in media and social platforms. Left leaning audiences subscribe to left leaning media and thus see more climate news whereas right leaning audiences tend to be exposed to shrouded climate news and in some cases outright denial. Misleading information abounds. Surprisingly, even the people with an ear towards climate science do not grasp how imminent the threats are.

IE: Did you know that the worst case scenarios in the Climate Science Special Gov.Report  NCR4A  do not take into consideration the multiple tipping points that are already gaining speed ? Chapter 15 NCR4A . Gov


 Public Knowledge Precedes Public Concern

With confidence we submit a Beta Tested Public Knowledge model that has the potential to help mitigate the problem of climate ignorance and misconceptions. The goal is to saturate both left and right leaning media with perception changing climate science facts and findings from the top science authorities. These are the topics that the government scientists are forbidden to publicly talk about.  Straight science facts and findings alone with no blame assigned or divisiveness can open the door to common knowledge.


In beta testing we have reached an audience of 94 Million* at a cost well below that of traditional advertising or promotion.

If we can get the public to engage in this effort the effect could be staggering. Using the cost/distribution numbers from our beta test if one in two hundred Americans (0.5%) contribute $10 to the effort no less than 150 Billion perception changing headlines can be broadcast across divides around the world.


With a sense of shared goals we are offering our help in finding pathways for the advancement of Climate Science common knowledge. Through strong working partners and connections with parallel goals and visions catastrophic climate change can be averted.   Be it the right contacts or actual involvement of the church or parts thereof, the moment to create something substantial is now.


From promoting the exciting 100% Renewable Electricity* programs made available in towns like Cambridge* or Somerville* , to simply offering your parishioners a free easy to read six page Climate Science Highlights Report with facts and findings straight from top US Gov administrations, or arranging time for group talks, your Parish can make enormous gains in climate change remediation.  *(these two programs can reduce Co2 emissions by hundreds of millions of pounds in 2019 alone)


 The new age of globally shared knowledge and truth offers a key element of Pope Francis’s vision for a unified global effort that brings people together to defend the earth from the ravages of Climate change.


We invite your thoughts, questions, criticisms, contacts or suggestions.  Should your enthusiasm have been sparked I would be thrilled at the opportunity to discuss these matters at your convenience.


With Highest Regards, Sincerity, Hope, and Urgency

Chris Sweeney and Friends,



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