Plans to Dim the Sun with Chemicals meet with little resistance as Fossil Fuel Expansion continues

January 9, 2019

  The dawn of Chemtrails is upon us. It is now officially on the horizon.  Stratospheric Aerosol  Injection (SAI), said to be identified by Chemtrails, has long been  perceived  a wild conspiracy theory.  After all, how crazy is the idea of injecting sun dimming chemicals into the atmosphere to slow global warming?  It could be a perfect solution for sustaining our fossil fuel gluttony, but what are the risks and dangers?  Is it going on now?


  Conspiracy theorists present  evidence that indeed SAI testing and development may have been going on for years. In 2009 the Soviets officially declared they tested SAI and found it surprisingly effective as a cooling agent.  Denial however remains firm in the USA.  Is the US denial in part due to prohibitive resolutions passed by congress against weather manipulation? Project Popeye was a covert US weather warfare operation during Vietnam war that, when exposed, resulted in resolutions being passed by congress that prohibited environmental & weather warfare. Is it possible that such a large scale project, poised to launch in fifteen years as a fail safe solution, has not been or is not being thoroughly tested now?


 Remember how crazy the Iran-Contra conspiracy seemed? Resolutions had been passed to end funding of revolutionary forces to overthrow governments, so the activity went underground.  The idea that a covert US operation helped fund the Contras vis a vis allowing cocaine to flood our streets seemed totally ludicrous. But alas years of intense investigation brought shocking truths into plain view. Knowledge is antidote to conspiracy theories so if you are reading this you are part of the solution.


NEWS FLASH Dec. 2018-  SAI comes out of hiding.  Reuters, Accuweather, and CNN  and the IPCC report that  Sun Dimming Chemicals to curb global warming are on the horizon.  In 15 years if we stay on the same track of excessive CO2 contributions it’s estimated that at least 4000 multi aircraft SAI missions will need to be flown per year to manage global warming.  One of the science papers evaluating the prospect states at that point  “ it will be unable to be kept secret”   (note: new patents for invisible SAI chemicals have been issued )


What’s scarier than SAI itself is the public acceptance of such horrifying prospects. This may be our most egregious example of Willful Blindness on climate issues to date.  Where is the outrage at the prospect that in 15 years blue skies could be a thing of the past?  What do we really know about  SAI , the multiple international HAARP installations, and other seemingly risky  geoengineering efforts  aloft?  Where is the public outcry for more information?   Who’s manning the ship?   Is the prospect of chemically dimming the sun off topic from climate change?  Is this not related to fossil fuel expansion or clean energy?  Is it just too scary?  Maybe it's just scary enough to launch the age of renewable energy into overdrive.


Amidst these uncertainties we can be sure of three things.


 First, the world's biggest companies are in fossil fuels. They stand to make trillions upon trillions with any method capable of cooling the earth while continuing to spike the greenhouse gasses that warm the earth.  The attitude seems to be ” who needs blue skies when we can have green money”


Second, the fossil fuel industry is expanding. Yes, clean energy is advancing but so is fossil fuel demand. Dan Eberhart* of  recently wrote with apparent endorsement of  the Trump administrations efforts at fossil  fuel energy dominance. He even suggests how we might speed up production. He wrote:


“The Trump administration’s “energy dominance” policy has steadily unraveled the regulatory agenda of the previous administration into the fossil fuels industry …..

… more can be accomplished at the federal level.The Interior Department can look for ways to maximize federal onshore gas and oil leasing. Lengthy permit turnaround times remain an intractable issue that must be solved” – Dan Eberhart -


Third, continued growth of Green House Gas accumulations (co2 & other fossil fuel by products) raises the risk of catastrophic and irreversible climate changes  world wide.


 So like adolescent children with a new chemistry set we’ve created  a cocktail of chemicals to mask the real problems without knowing the repercussions. Not to worry however as Monsanto has already engineered a method to make plants resilient to some of the chemicals associated with SAI.  So who needs the sunlight anyway? 


 Should the world’s addiction to fossil fuels continue to the point of needing to dim the sun with chemicals, humanity will prove itself on par with a cocaine addict taking heroin as a sleep aid. We know this kind of activity will kill the heroin addict in short order.  How long will it take to extinguish humanity?


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