G-Lu May Diez from Capiz Province in the Philippines has joined the 1 We Us Music Mission to sing about the perils her home faces from climate changes left unchecked

June 6, 2019


The Philippines is the third most Endangered Country from the Ravages of Accelerating Climate Change. So G-Lu May and her sister Luigi are stepping up to the plate. G-Lu is a natural born artist, a teacher of young children, a budding writer, poet and singer in multiple languages and a student.  The 1 We Us  ( 1WE.US ) Music Mission is blessed  to have the opportunity to work with her her and her talented sister Luigi. You will be hearing much more about the Diez sisters and Shathree as they represent south east Asia in a new kind of song about positive changes that we all must embrace.

   Pope Francis spoke of our moral responsibility to address the climate science warnings.  He also spoke of a new universal compassion that we must have for our earth, and everything living upon it. THE Diez sisters, in my estimation,  represent the new spirit of humanity that the Pope is envisioning.

This is just one snippet I took from her song. Reading it aloud is heartbreaking when you realize it is written straight from her heart in an area that may face devastating  climate issues if we don’t change our ways. 


One Home One Dream –  Lyrics by G-Lu May Diez  6/3/2019


One Home One Dream that we may never see                                                                                                         

 Let’s Look Within Ourselves                                                                                                                                          

The Safe Tomorrow that We Could Bring 

  Living in a World, a Peaceful Place                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

The Song of the Birds at the Top of the Trees


There’s  a Happy Blue Sky and Deep Blue Seas


What a Wonderful World , a Vision I Dream


There’s One Home, One Dream that We May Never See


Let’s Start Within Ourselves


There’s a Safe Tomorrow We Could Bring

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