Endgame - Coldville’s powerful message – Let’s fight against our real enemies, not ourselves

September 10, 2019

  A growing movement on the leading edge music is empowering Love over Hate, transformation over stagnation and right over wrong.  Coldville is rockin’ that edge with two of our favorites, “Do Whats Right”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dh6ddb3DeYc  and more recently “Endgame” (video coming soon)


 Music has tremendous influence on our motivation. It has enabled athletes become world champions and extreme sport practitioners to evolve beyond our imagination.  Music empowers us to grow.  Now, more than ever, humanity needs music to evolve beyond war and hate.  We’ve got epic global challenges to meet head on . We need to be empowered.  It’s time to evolve or meet extinction.


In a brief interview with Luke Ponce, the lead singer of Coldville, he revealed a passionate message that resides deep inside much of Coldville’s work.

“ I think it’s naive to think that our actions have no effect on the planet and other people. The only way to get things done is to stop fighting against each other and fight against the real enemy.”   --- Luke Ponce


“Engame”   by Coldville – opening verse


“throw off your gloves

This hate is typical

Look everyone is going crazy

They act like love

Makes us a Criminal

I’ve had enough of what I’ve seen lately”


 Coldville’s music is exhilarating.  To see them live is a real treat.   Aaron Lutz on Guitar,  Matt Millering on drums and Jimmy Blankenship on bass  provide a powerhouse to Luke’s vocals.  You just can’t help but be uplifted and energized.


This is the first line of their story on Colville’s Facebook page : facebook.com/ColdvilleMusic


“Reckoning with the shadows of life while retaining a spark of hope, Coldville ignites the human spirit.”

Stay Tuned. It’s rumored they are collaborating on a kick ass typhoon of a climate disaster song.

Join the Movement .  support powerful music for positive change .  1WE.US


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