A Sea Level Rise of 8 Feet in 80 years cannot be Ruled Out - Gov. Report

February 12, 2018




This could be a favorite headline for Climate Science deniers.  It sounds so absurd. To most everybody the ocean's accelerating rise has gone unnoticed.  Pour another beer and relax.  Think about it. The climate does not often turn on a dime.  But for the occasional severe storms, floods, mudslides, droughts and wildfires, everything seems under control.


But wait. The Government Science organizations, like NASA, have the most advanced data collection and analytics systems ever know to mankind . These data capabilities are similar, in part, to those used in landing us on Mars. Consider also that professional scientists work with a code that favors conservative certainty in predictions.


 To almost assure the harsh facts become muted , the Public Relations department of NASA (Washington),  and fossil fuel industry lobbyists work hard to discredit the world largest and most advanced group of scientists. Seems they would rather the next generation deal with come what may.

 Here are a few sections of the recent climate science report that suggest the 8 foot sea rise prediction could actually be surpassed by 2100. The climate models, it seems, do not include the multiple positive feedback scenarios that are currently accelerating in the arctic. The recent arctic data from 2016, 17 and 18 support that these compound positive feedback effects have indeed been underestimated.


From Chapter 15 –  US Gov Climate Science Report 2017

“Moreover, the systematic tendency of climate models to underestimate temperature change during warm paleoclimates suggests that climate models are more likely to underestimate than to overestimate the amount of long-term future change”


“(e.g., hypotheses related to positive feedbacks that are unrepresented or poorly represented in existing models).”


Multiple Positive Feedback Scenarios are now accelerating Arctic thaw. Human Co2 and other GHG contributions are dangerously blowing on the fuse of what is often called ‘the Arctic Time Bomb’.


“Positive feedbacks (self-reinforcing cycles) within the climate system have the potential to accelerate human-induced climate change and even shift the Earth’s climate system, in part or in whole, into new states that are very different from those experienced in the recent past (for example, ones with greatly diminished ice sheets or different large-scale patterns of atmosphere or ocean circulation).”


 The arctic meltdown is the driver of climate change. The small window of time to slow down or turn off these accelerating positive feedback cycles is NOW.

Common Knowledge Precedes Public Opinion. For the price of a good Pint we can broadcast science to thousands across divides.  Three Cheers to We the People !

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