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February 20, 2018






It's the fast accelerating ARCTIC THAW that can create havoc with our climate balances. That's  where all the worst predictions come from and here's why.


 Arctic Soil, called Permafrost, produces huge volumes of CO2 and Methane as it thaws. This can ramp up warming creating a Positive Feedback resulting in run away climate changes.  The Permafrost Tipping Point is the point of no return for Global Warming and Climate Change due to green house  gasses. The NASA data link is below but here's the short story. With the atmosphere already high in greenhouse gas concentrations, much of which is from human activity, the additional abundance of GHG  from a fast thawing permafrost could be catastrophic.


 Permafrost is simply the frozen soil in the arctic.  As it thaws, the rotting organic matter within the permafrost is food for the micro organisms. Where there is no oxygen the micro organisms produce Methane , a powerful greenhouse gas. Where exposed to oxygen the micro organisms produce Carbon Dioxide, another Greenhouse gas. The rate of thaw is critical to the tipping point.


Most alarming is the accelerating rate of Arctic warming. It is warming at twice the rate of the rest of the globe.  In fact it is warming faster than scientists predicted.  The rate of arctic warming is accelerating. It is an exponential curve.


Greenhouse gasses are natures' way to keep the solar generated heat from escaping the earth’s atmosphere. An over abundance of GHG can cause excessive heat to be trapped. These are clear undisputed facts. https://science.nasa.gov/


.  The real question is what human activities can we engage in to slow the rate of permafrost melt down.  


Public Knowledge Precedes Public Concern  > Public Concern can Change Policies

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