Climate Change & Money

February 9, 2018


Looks like Humanity is being given a choice.   We can choose to support the 5% of Global Scientists who dispute that human activity effects climate change..or we get behind the 95% who believe human activity does play a significant role in climate change and therefore placing us a leg up on how to handle the challenges ahead.


Supporting the 5% is a good strategy for some short term gains and goals in industries such as fossil fuel production.  It's also a comfortable strategy for those afraid of what changing to clean renewable energy sources might look like. By choosing to deny warnings,  the 5% mutes fear.  The status quo is easy. Nothing to change. Nothing to think about.  


 Or we can choose to support the 95% of scientists who believe Human activity contributes heavily to climate change and global warming. Most warn that we are nearing a point of no return.


Supporting the 95%  seems the logical strategy for most long term goals and may even serve economies in the shorter term. The cherry in this approach is that the severity of predictions has the potential to encourage the entire globe to work together for the sake survival


 Having recognized the problem, the 95% are already working on tangible solutions.  


Where would you Put Your Money?   You can play poker with the Devil win a hand or two but you can't bluff  the Mother of Nature.... Science.


The hundreds of billions of dollars and lives lost to extreme weather each year 

is a given.  Most predictions indicate this will become worse and worse and eventually spiral out of control if ignored.


Investing in the technology & research needed to secure the future is something the entire world should get behind. 


Once a common threat is universally recognized,  unity and cooperation become a powerful force.


Public Knowledge Precedes Public Concern >  Public Concern can Change Policies that ensure their future is Bright


Please Help us Broadcast Critical Facts & Knowledge >  go to :   1WE.US 





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