NASA CO2 Maps - Seeing is Believing

April 2, 2018


When I first read about wind currents migrating excesses of CO2  to the Arctic it seemed logical. The accelerating arctic warming made more sense given the growing accumulations of heat trapping CO2. After all, these things are evident in NOAA’s and NASA’s data and findings.


What really shocked me however was seeing the NASA infrared video mapping of global Co2 currents and accumulations.  All of a sudden it struck me just how deep in sh@t we really are. Partially due to the ‘muzzling’ of NASA’s  CO2  warnings by Washington, we’ve turned  a blind eye to our “invisible” excesses of Co2 that migrate to the Arctic. Hooray for NASA !  Avoiding the muzzle, they have given us graphics from their OCO-2 Satellite.  Some people learn by visuals.  For me this video illustrates reality with crystal clarity.


Ice core mapping shows that for 400 thousand years before the industrial age fluctuations of natural occurring CO2 average out to below 250 ppm . Since the industrial age CO2 levels have skyrocketed  to 410 ppm and are ramping up deep into redline territory.


The scary part is that our CO2 excesses are pushing Arctic Warming to the dangerous  tipping points.  If we keep pushing mechanisms kick in which can ramp up arctic warming beyond our control. Exposed ground absorbs more energy from the sun and Thawing Permafrost  releases enormous additional amounts of CO2 and Methane as well.  These three snowball  warming feedback effects are exactly what most concerns global scientists.  They are the main reason a prediction of an 8’ sea level rise cannot be ruled out.


Check out this NASA link to view and share :

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